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GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client.

Features include:

  • LDAP browser
  • LDAP V3 Schema browser
  • Template builder
  • Export subtree or whole server to LDIF
  • Use any number of servers
  • Search based on single argument or LDAP filter
  • Edit and delete entries
  • Add entries using an existing entry, or based on your own template
  • Supports LDAP syntaxes and special attributes by presenting them in a custom way. Currently there are custom "displaytypes" for jpegPhoto, userPassword and X509 certificates and CRLs.


2002-07-05: GQ 0.6.0 has been released. New features since version 0.5.0:
  • Correct support for userPassword including SSHA and SMD5 encryption
  • I18N support
  • Support for graphical jpegPhoto display (requires gdk-pixbuf to work)
  • Support to to view X509 certificates and X509 certificate revocation lists (CRLs)
  • Drag and drop support in browse mode (must be enabled during compilation)
  • Automated codeset detection
  • Resizable preferences window
  • SASL support (kindly provided by Maurice Massar)
  • Hidden passwords (but still clear-text in the config file)
  • Lots of other small bugfixes/enhancements
2002-06-19: GQ 0.6.0beta2 has been released.
2002-06-12: GQ has a new maintainer. See the source distribution for details.
2002-03-19: GQ 0.5.0 has been released. New features:
  • UTF-8 support
  • Filter bookmarks
  • Some bugfixes with filter handling, and a compile fix for Tru64


Contributions are welcome! Pick any item off the TODO list, or join the mailing list and make a suggestion.

GQ is a sourceforge project. If you want to contribute, check out the project page: Kindly hosted by SourceForge Logo

screenshots getting compiling contact acknowledgement