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GQ requires OpenLDAP 2.0 or higher for its schema functionality (Schema browser, Template builder, and "smart" editing). However, once compiled, it will work against any LDAP V3 compliant server.

If you compile against OpenLDAP 1.2.x or other LDAP libraries, the schema functionality will not be available, but everything else will work mostly the same way.

Configuration options:

path where your LDAP libraries and header files are installed.

To use Kerberos binds, you need to tell the configure script where your Kerberos libraries live:

path where your Kerberos libraries and header files are installed.

If you want to use the MD5/SHA-1/DES crypt password functionality, you'll need to have OpenSSL installed on your system. If the configure script doesn't find OpenSSL, you can specify where it's installed:


path where your OpenSSL libraries and header files are installed.

Read the INSTALL file for more information.

screenshots getting compiling contact acknowledgement