simple usbmon frontend


This is the home of usbdump, a simple usbmon frontend for the linux kernel's usbmon facility.

It is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.


usbdump-1.0.tar.gz released 2011-04-02

Installing usbdump

Type make to compile usbdump. The resulting executable must be run as root, in order to have the required permissions to use the usbmon facility.

Using usbdump

At least one argument is required: the USB device to monitor, specified by its vid/pid. Use the 'lsusb' command to get a list of these. Basic usage is thus:
        usbdump -d <vid:pid>
A long sequence of identical output can be summarized by a running counter instead, by using the -u (unique) option to specify the number of lines in the output to compare. For example, if a device constantly polls on one endpoint and receives a reply on another, but both lines are always the same in an idle state of the device, you can summarize the output like this:
        usbdump -d <vid:pid> -u 2


usbdump was written by Bert Vermeulen.